Community Midwives of Thunder Bay encourages and supports families to explore choice of birthplace.  Please ask questions and seek advice from your midwifery team at your prenatal appointments.  For more information on choice of birthplace, please refer to the Association of Ontario Midwives at

Where you plan to deliver is a personal choice for every family. Once you have explored your options, our work as your midwifery team is to respect and facilitate your planned choice of birthplace. We always strive to create a warm, comforting, and supportive birth environment; one in which you and your family can feel confident and empowered to have the best birth experience possible.

Water Birth

Water birth is the process of labouring and/or giving birth in a tub or pool of warm water. Some women choose to labour in the water. Other women decide to stay in the water for their birth.  Women find their ability to change positions is better facilitated and feel more supported while pushing while they are submersed in water.

Submersion in water is an effective form of pain management during labour and delivery. It is considered hydrotherapy, which has been shown to be an effective form of pain management for a variety of conditions.  When compared with conventional pain management techniques for labour and delivery (e.g. anaesthesia and narcotics), hydrotherapy is an effective alternative.

For more information on the use of water in labour and birth, please ask your midwives.

For birth tub rental, please contact Lindsay Holmstrom:  For purchasing information, please contact:

Recommended Resources:

Immersion in water in Labour and Birth - "Water immersion during the first stage of labour significantly reduced epidural/spinal analgesia requirements, without adversely affecting labour duration, operative delivery rates, or neonatal wellbeing".

Waterbirth International - "We are dedicated to making waterbirth an available option for all women"